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The founding trustees harboured a longstanding aspiration to establish an educational institution providing quality education at an affordable fee to the masses. Generously offering their property for this noble cause, the trustees formed the "Talipop Foundation" on May 1, 2017.

Seeking consultation from Mr. Javed Irshad on May 18, 2019, the trust embarked on a monumental effort to establish a modern English Medium Primary School.

Achievements within a short period included completing civil work, finalizing sanitary and electrical aspects, setting up classrooms, promoting the school through various channels, recruiting faculty, procuring office supplies, initiating registration and admission processes, designing uniforms, installing a biometric attendance system, completing the CCTV system, furnishing designated areas, providing teaching aids, developing the school ground, setting up a library and computer lab, and implementing an efficient accounts system.

These milestones were achieved through the concerted and tireless efforts of all "Talipop Foundation" trustees.