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Nasir Tyagi

A child is a unique gift from Almighty God to humanity, endowed with a bundle of talents hidden within. A teacher, as a mentor, nurturer, healer, and inspirer, polishes the various talents and virtues of the child, shaping them into responsible citizens of society. Children are the future of the nation; therefore, they must be taught the right values in life to cultivate a sense of brotherhood and nationalism.

I often ponder, "What should be the first priority in a student's life?" The answer I find is nothing but time. While many factors contribute to one's success, time stands high above all. A student's success depends on how meticulously they plan the limited time at their disposal to complete their studies. Hundred percent devotion within a stipulated time-limit results in success.

However, success should always be combined with strong moral and ethical values. The focus should be on preparing students to think reflectively and develop their enhanced capacity for ethical reasoning with a correct code of conduct. This will instil good moral judgment in students and help promote social values both within the classroom and beyond.

Money can never buy what I have wished for my students. Therefore, let education be synonymous with all-round development, incorporating social, ethical, and moral values into teaching.

Let the students be a part of whatever noble deeds we undertake, and our teachings will endure lasting impact, making our country a dream-country for all.

Money can never buy what I have wished for my students. Therefore, let education be synonymous with all-round development, incorporating social, ethical, and moral values into teaching.

Let the students be a part of whatever noble deeds we undertake, and our teachings will endure lasting impact, making our country a dream-country for all.

All the best for the future.

Nasir Tyagi,
Chairman, WCS


Javed Ali

Dear Parents,

In my perspective, an educational institution transcends mere bricks, mortar, and concrete; it is about shaping character, enriching minds, and creating experiences that last a lifetime.

As the famous quote goes: “For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is but a vision. But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

Schooling represents our initial contact with the world—a period of joy, healthy competition, adjustment, sharing, and love. While the physical elements like open spaces, classrooms, libraries, and laboratories are vital, a true institution exists in the hearts of students, teachers, staff, and parents.

At WCS, we firmly believe that educational excellence is instrumental in developing understanding, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Our commitment aligns with the philosophy that each student must have the opportunity to reach their full potential, enhance self-esteem, and become a successful part of a demanding and changing society.

The school seeks the cooperation of parents to foster an atmosphere conducive to educating children. The collaboration of three essential components—the child, the parents, and the teachers—is crucial for the holistic development of our students.

In our pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks. Our focus extends to nurturing creativity, instilling a sense of responsibility, and fostering leadership qualities in our students. We encourage a learning environment where curiosity is celebrated, challenges are embraced, and every accomplishment is a step towards a brighter future.

With the active participation and sincere involvement of parents alongside the faculty, the school is poised to fulfil its mission and contribute to a brighter and more vibrant tomorrow in the years to come.

Best Regards,
Javed Ali,
Vice-Chairman, WCS



Dear WCS Parents,

Financial Stewardship: In my role as Treasurer, I am committed to transparent financial management, ensuring that every resource is judiciously allocated to enhance the overall learning environment at WCS. Your timely support and cooperation in fee payments are pivotal in sustaining the financial health of our school. Rest assured, every financial decision is made with the best interests of our students and school community in mind.

Academic Excellence: Simultaneously, as a member of the Academic Think Tank, I am dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in education. Our focus remains on refining curriculum frameworks, introducing innovative teaching methodologies, and creating an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that encourages critical thinking and creativity. We believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also fostering a love for learning.

We understand that the success of our endeavours relies on the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and the school administration. Your engagement, insights, and active participation in both financial matters and academic initiatives are invaluable. Together, we can ensure that WCS continues to thrive as a centre of excellence.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. Together, let us make this academic year one of growth, success, and collaboration.

Best Regards,
Treasurer & Academic Mentor,
Wisdom Creative School.


Huma Amir

Dear WCS Community,

Greetings to our vibrant and dynamic school family!

At WCS, we proudly declare ourselves as a happy school, where our motto, "Nurturing Empowered Contributors to a Global Society," guides every decision we make. In this incredible journey of learning, every faculty member, staff, parent, and student is an equal and responsible contributor, hand in hand, supporting one another towards our shared goal.

Our commitment revolves around improving student’s learning, and we emphasize on a holistic and value-based education. Empathy is a cherished trait, and we encourage our students to embody it in every aspect of their lives. Innovation is a driving force at WCS, woven seamlessly into our academic and co-curricular activities, enabling our students to experiment, experience, and explore the unknown with a focus on their future goals.

Especially in these times, the wellbeing of our students is a paramount focus. Our school provides trained counsellors, helplines, frequent communication, a balanced timetable, and, most importantly, an empathic faculty that fosters a caring ambiance.

We owe credit to our parents for their unwavering support and cooperation. Aligned with the same dreams of progress for their children, we consider ourselves one big happy family, with parents as our biggest stakeholders.

Recognizing the need to prepare our students for an ever-changing, unseen future, we equip them with both forward-looking skills and a rear-view mirror. This mirror allows them to learn from past experiences, uphold traditional values, comprehend the cyclic continuity of life, and adapt to the dynamic changes of each era. Importantly, students experientially understand that every being on our planet is interconnected, emphasizing that tolerance and collaboration are the need of the day.

As a united community, we firmly believe that together, we can move mountains and make momentous miracles possible. Let's continue this journey of learning and growth with enthusiasm, resilience, and collaboration.

Warm Regards,
Huma Amir,
Principal, WCS